Fatigued Drivers Defense Attorney in Leesburg, VA

Statistics show that 36 percent of us drive when tired or falling asleep and that results in 20% of motor vehicle accidents caused by drowsy drivers or those asleep at the wheel. While Virginia does not yet have a dedicated law against fatigued driving, there are federal regulations against drivers of commercial vehicles that drive over 14 hours without sleep. This gives cause with which to bring a civil claim or lawsuit.

Other injury law suits may be supported by the fact that when a person does not sleep for 24 hours they have the same level of functioning as a person with .10 % alcohol content, a level that is considered drunk driving.

In cases in which log books are not kept for commercial driving, it is difficult, but not impossible to prove that a driver was sleep deprived. A skilled and experienced lawyer knows how and what to investigate to prove negligence in such a case.

Loudoun County attorney, Clinton O. Middleton has 16 years of experience in personal injury and traffic law in the state of Virginia. Call his Leesburg offices today or as soon as possible to discuss your case. It is important to have legal representation before settling with the other driver or his insurance company. You do not pay unless Attorney Middleton wins, so do not hesitate to call right away.